The Ponyo Handbook

April 25, 2016 by Phil Eaton

It's been a little more than a month since first came online. Less has happened than I would have liked, but I just started a new job and things have begun to settle again. However, significantly more than nothing has happened and there is some news to report.

Since the last post, documentation generation has taken a serious step forward. You can begin to see documentation generated and hosted here already. While the foundation has begun to be made, there is still a large amount that the Ponyo Standard ML parser cannot parse. So certain structures cannot be documented until they can be fully parsed.

I've also begun to work on a testing framework for Ponyo. This is one of my highest priorities, but is not completely straightforward.

But the most exciting news to announce is the beginnings of the Ponyo handbook. My goal with the handbook is to collect a number of "tracks" of learning relevant for those interested in Ponyo. Today, I announce the first article in the Standard ML Basics track. I plan to follow up shortly with the first article in the Ponyo Basics track. If you are interested in contributing to the handbook or see mistakes or areas in need of improvement, please remember this is a community document and can be improved by the community via the Github pull request and issues interfaces.

That's it for now. Happy compiling folks!